Saturday, January 8, 2011

Berny a Hero For All MMAR Patients!

I am so sad to say goodbye to a good friend I got to know the past two years through facebook correspondence. I befriended him after I read about his plight, getting busted for growing personal even though he was told his card was in the mail. This only created a very long delay in getting a MMAR card. I chatted with him regularly and felt his frustration and his anger with the program and "law abiding" narrow minded citizens responsible for reporting him.
I was so pleased and happy that in the last month, that he finally was receiving his marijuana. It was the first time in two year he seemed happy and mellow.
He should have never had to battle so hard nor should anyone in his postion. It should never happen again!
May you rest in peace my dear friend and I am glad I got the chance to tell you that you are my hero and everyone else's who is fighting this war on a medication that should be free to the people!
Love you always!
Original newspaper article about Berny's bust!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Diabetic Woman Dies After Being Evicted For Medical Pot Use | Cannabis Culture Magazine

The horror stories keep coming. This has to be addressed fairly, time is running out for so many people.

Diabetic Woman Dies After Being Evicted For Medical Pot Use Cannabis Culture Magazine

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Nyle Nagy, a man with full body paralysis and Multiple Sclerosis, was robbed of his wheelchair by his caregiver and confined to bed for legally using medical marijuana.

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"Nyle Nagy, a man with full body paralysis and Multiple Sclerosis, was robbed of his wheelchair by his caregiver and confined to bed for legally using medical marijuana. A Canadian care home resident with full body paralysis was confined to his bed against his will after his wheelchair was seized by caregivers - all because he smokes medical marijuana to relieve his Multiple Sclerosis."


Berny Belair article.

"He says he applied, with the help of his physician, for a permit to grow and use marijuana for medical purposes.

The permit, he says, is on the way. While he waited, a neighbour built a small grow area in his basement. A pair of high-wattage lights and a timer were installed and, soon, 25 plants were underway.

On Tuesday, Belair said a police officer arrived at his door" [quoted from Drug Forum]

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Canadian Medical Marijuana Patients Apply for Free Vaporizers

Not all jurisdictions cover vaporizers automatically. You may not be able to get one where you live. Write your local MP, MPP, call social services to see if you qualify for discretionary benefits. You may be able to get a hearing to state your case.

Highway 420 Anti-Prohibition Rally

Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some Canadian medical marijuana patients have had success getting the government to pay for their vaporizers.

1) get a letter from your doctor saying "this person needs a vaporizer to avoid the dangers of smoking"

2) get a written estimate from the store you plan to buy it from

3) Photocopy your license card, showing your name address and pot license number, but cover over storage amounts and plants (where necessary)

4) write a letter saying this is my doctors letter, my estimate, my license, please send me the volcano immediately

5) Send to Ontario Works Discretionary Benefits, call first and they will ask you to send in or fax it to them.

There is an Ontario Works for your region.

Make sure you send in paperwork first and get approval before you purchase. They will not refund if you purchase first. Pete at the London Compassion Society can send you an estimate upon request and can send your Vaporizer out next day after he receives payment. mailto:pete@londoncompassionsociety.comThanks all and good luck!

Cannabis Facts for Canadians

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Compassion clubs and other medical marijuana distributors should have restrictions on them lifted, a B.C. Supreme Court judge ruled on Monday. To the delight of a packed courtroom in Vancouver, Justice Marvyn Koenigsberg said federal regulations that limit people's access to medicinal cannabis are "constitutionally invalid" and gave the government a year to amend the rules. The current rules under the federal medical marijuana program limit a supplier from providing marijuana to more than one patient and restrict growers from sharing a common space. Koenigsberg made the ruling during the trial of Vancouver Island resident Mathew Beren. In 2004, RCMP raided a grow-op Beren ran in Sooke and charged him with trafficking. Koenigsberg found Beren guilty on two drug-related charges Monday but granted him an absolute discharge because he grew marijuana exclusively for the Vancouver Island Compassion Society. The discharge means Beren may continue to grow marijuana for the VICS, a non-profit that distributes marijuana to 850 patients. "In my view, it would be contrary to public interest for Mr. Beren to have criminal record," Koenigsberg told the courtroom. "If ever there was a case where an absolute discharge is appropriate, it's this one." Outside the courthouse, Beren told media he was overjoyed by the decision. "We're talking 14 years to life for what? For helping people?" he said. "I want to make sure people that need medical marijuana can get it without the dangers of the street. It's an awesome day