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Marijuana Vaporizers Canada

The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act (SCAN) is a provincial private member's bill sponsored by Ottawa-Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi. SCAN would allow municipalities to appoint a Director with the power to investigate residents based on anonymous complaints and seek their removal without a hearing

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Below is a letter from a woman that is making progress with the hospital establishing a medical marijuana policy for patients.

Sad to report she lost for now! The fight is for all of us who may eventually end up in the same dire situation. In hospital, nursing home or any place else where we have no control of the rules. We want to be afforded the same dignity of any other patient who is suffering. It would be unheard denying another patient treatment deemed necessary by prescription! Why is it alright to punish, remove, deny, and infringe marijuana patients their rights?

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to fill you all in on the latest going on in our fight for policy change within our local hospital. I met with the CEO of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital today and things went very well for the most part. We discussed the possibility of using a room in the hospital once used as a smoking room and properly ventilated so as to eliminate risk to staff and other patients, which, we realize, is a genuine concern. We also discussed the possibility of the use of vaporizers within the facility and he was VERY interested in this possibility. He was receptive and respectable to our ideas and concerns and has promised to take the discussion to the powers that be and get back to us all soon as to what may or may not be doable to help these patients receive their meds in a safe and dignified manner. Please, everyone, cross your fingers and toes that something may come about soon and keep on praying for the sick out there. Thanks again to all of you for your continued support and wishes for all the best in 2009 to all of you. Sincerely, Cyndi and the Clarke Family This is her cause on facebook


This group is being formed in hopes of bringing attention to the plight of patients hospital, namely, Cancer patients and chronically ill who have been prescribed medicinal marijuana by their doctors, but are being cast out into the cold and elements in order to medicate themselves, being put at considerable risk every day and night in order to receive medication the Canadian goverment says it's legal for them to have. This is a prescribed medication and they should be allowed to have it somewhere within the facility, or in the Cancer Treatment clinic as it is an essential part of their course of treatment. These people deserve dignity at this very crucial time in their lives. Thank you for any and all support.

Cyndi McGEan Office: Cyndi McGean, Advocate for Dignified Use of Medicinal Marijuana in our Medical Facilities

Location: North Sydney

This is her causes group

Request Canada Government Cover Vaporizer Costs for Medical Marijuana PatientsThis is my group

Thanks all, peace and green for the new year!

To Whom It May Concern,

I have written to many politicians over the past few months. Many didn't respond, the following kind people did and this was what they had to say about prescribing vaporizers for patients.

This blog is in response to Jack Layton expressing that he wasn't aware of the Volcano Vaporizer, Libby Davies who's never heard of them but wants to learn and Dana Larsen who is willing to educate his NDP colleagues.

Marijuana Patients for Vaporizers is for anyone who wants to become informed about the health benefits of the Volcano.

I put together studies I found, Volcano Vaporizer information, articles, and the latest news about the harm associated with marijuana smoke.

There is also a concern about second hand smoke to others who may live in the home, as well as possible issue with neighbors over the smell.

I only wish to use my medication for my ailment, not expose myself and others to harmful chemicals. It is political when you're talking about a recognized medicine that ought to be respected and used properly to the respect others. The Volcano removes the the negatives surrounding this otherwise effective plant.

A good point someone brought up is hazardous waste disposal. What are we supposed to do with roaches and old pipes and or bongs? The Volcano Vaporizer eliminates that worry to. It leaves behind only organic vapped material which poses no harm to dispose of. For therapuetic use in the hospitals, especially, it is a sensible solution.

Marijuana Patients for Vaporizers is for anyone who wants to become informed about the health benefits of the Volcano. It makes it healthier for the patient and the environment in which it's used. It reduces the heavy odor that is offensive to others who might live near.

I think prescribing the Volcano vaporizer with medical marijuana makes plain common sense for everybody!


Freedom Crow

This is Lieutenant Governor Onley's reply to me in the Globe and Mail when asked about medical marijuana

"It seems to me that when there is no alternative in terms of conventional medicine, anything that has been approved for medical purposes should be accepted and understood," Lt. Gov. Onley wrote during an online discussion yesterday with The Globe and Mail. "It's an issue that has to be addressed!"

The former Toronto broadcaster was responding to a reader concerned that too many Canadians are suffering because they cannot get access to medical marijuana.

"I know what it is to be in severe and chronic pain, especially after major reconstructive knee surgeries when I was a child," wrote Mr. Onley, who had polio as a child and is paralyzed from the waist down. "The pain was so intense that I required heavy-duty narcotics, which only partially deadened the pain ...

"While this is not the same as a chronic disorder, I have always felt that when I saw a story on television, or reported on one about medical marijuana, I had a better understanding than most people."


Dear Mary,

Thank you for your email and for raising this issue with me. We are not
currently aware of the Volcano Vaporizer and will certainly have a look
into it. The NDP definitely believes that any drugs or devices that have
been scientifically demonstrated to be indispensable for the health of
Canadians should be made available through our health care system.

Mary, I want to assure you that the federal NDP team is determined to
help implement health care solutions and deliver to Canadians the
innovative health care services they deserve. We are committed to
working with this minority Parliament to achieve these goals.

Once again, thank you for getting in touch.

Be well,


Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)
Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada

Please send Jack a letter supporting my efforts, together we can make this happen! H.E.M.P. Help Every Marijuana Patient!


Definitely Canada's whole med-pot system should be overhauled and improved.

Vaporizers should be treated like any other medical delivery device.

I expect I understand more about vaporizers than most of my NDP colleagues. I will do my best to educate them about their benefits.

Libby Davies says she hasn't heard about them but wants to learn.


Dear Jack Layton,

I have been a licensed medicinal marijuana self-administer for approximately
one and a half years now, I've been self-administering marijuana medicinally
as needed for over 20 years. The properties of this natural drug as opposed
to the side effects to many synthetic drugs is an area I have some
experience with as a survivor of a critical, limb threatening injury in 1975
as well as the eventual diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 1988.

I am fortunate to have good relationships with my doctors, being a
successful self-manager of a multitude of chronic conditions is obvious in
my medical history.

When I suggested to my G.P. that a vaporizer to administer marijuana would
have benefits to my asthmatic condition he agreed to write the prescription,
we both expected the prescription to be denied but had already made the
commitment to take it through the proper channels to tribunal; which I did
and won.

That a person living with chronic conditions, one of which is pain in many
forms, has had to take a medical request for an administrative device to
self-medicate with a licensed natural drug is beyond inappropriate. This
process took from May '07 to Oct.'07 with many hoops and bells, which
equates well to stresses and anxieties. Having both had and acted as an
advocate this challenge I met as a self-advocate, who better to defend me
and explain my situation.

To add to the daunting process came the financial salt; the receipt I had to
supply Health Services with for the cost of the vaporizer was $203.35 the
reimbursement was less G.S.T. although it had be collected at time of
purchase. What may be considered a small amount too many for someone
surviving on Disability Benefits in the Province of B.C. there is no amount
of money considered small.

Could one conclude that the difference between the actual cost and the
amount of reconsideration had literally vaporized?

I hope that you are able to assist in this very muddy, misleading and hard
to manoeuvre through process of trying to do the right thing in the issues
surrounding medicinal marijuana and the apparatus to self-administer by
means health conscious methods.

I have a collection of correspondence with Health Canada, the B.C. Ministry
of Employment and Income Assistance as well as the local M.P. James Lonny
and M.L.A. Leonard Krog to offer throughout the process of the tribunal as
well as renewing and then altering my license that may be helpful to
understand this trials and tribulations of process.

most sincerely with concern,

Pam Edgar





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