Saturday, January 8, 2011

Berny a Hero For All MMAR Patients!

I am so sad to say goodbye to a good friend I got to know the past two years through facebook correspondence. I befriended him after I read about his plight, getting busted for growing personal even though he was told his card was in the mail. This only created a very long delay in getting a MMAR card. I chatted with him regularly and felt his frustration and his anger with the program and "law abiding" narrow minded citizens responsible for reporting him.
I was so pleased and happy that in the last month, that he finally was receiving his marijuana. It was the first time in two year he seemed happy and mellow.
He should have never had to battle so hard nor should anyone in his postion. It should never happen again!
May you rest in peace my dear friend and I am glad I got the chance to tell you that you are my hero and everyone else's who is fighting this war on a medication that should be free to the people!
Love you always!
Original newspaper article about Berny's bust!